Victory Sewing

Victory Sewing

Located In: Main Street Village (Corner behind "Country's Barbecue")

6298 Veterans Parkway Suite 3D Columbus, GA 31909

(706)505-1212, (706)330-1978   Email:


For Your Success and Victory


Military Guidon, Streamer and Flag


custom order

ID GUIDON ID Marne Guidon

Front Side: Marne Reception Center Guidon

 Marne Reception Center Guidon Cover

Buffalo Soldiers Guidon Streamer Engineer Guidon

Buffalo Guidon

Army Streamer

Engineer Guidon

Military Streamer Guidon Cover Armor Guidon

2nd BDE Streamer

Guidon Cover

1/30th Armor Guidon

Army Rank, Insignia, NCO Academy Guidon Military Streamer Banner

Military Guidon Victory transpotations

Buffalo Soldiers army Guidon Buffalo Soldiers Flag