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   Military Uniform Alterations

Name, Rank, Skill Badge, Branch Tapes sewn on OCP Shirt and ACU Shirt

 OCP Skilll Badge  

ACU Rank sew on Drill Sergeant skill badge   Multicam Shirt OCP Pants  ACU recruiter Badge


Rank and Name sewn on ACU Patrol Cap 

ACU Patrol Cap

OCP Name Tapes 


OCP Name Tapes

Name sew on ACU ruck sack

ACU name sew on ruck sack

Name sewn ACU camelbag

Name sew on ACU camelbag

Name sewn on ACU gore-tex Jacket

Name sewn on ACU Gore-Tex Jacket

Military Arm Band

Military Armband


MP Armband

MP Armband



3ID SGT RockySGT Rocky