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Victory Sewing

??At Victory Sewing, our goal is to offer you top-quality custom embroidery and sewing services at prices you can afford. Whether you are looking into clothing, Suit, Military uniform, Formal Dresses alterations, military patches, or dress hemming, we can gladly assist you. Additionally, we have a wide selection of retail sewing machines from the industry's leading brands. Our shop is conveniently located near Fort Benning at the 6002 Veterans Parkway Columbus, Georgia, so stop by today and put our services to work for you!

Shipped all sewn on ready to wear.

ACU Rank,  ACU Name Tapes, Skill Badge sew on Uniform and  ACU Patrol Cap

Online Military Sewing  Major Victory

Fitting, Tailoring and Alterations


Alterations Wedding Dress

Alterations Wedding and Prom Dress

Alterations Prom

Prom Dress Alteration

Monogram & Custom Embroidery

Custom Embroidery

Custom Motorcycle Custom Patches

MC Patches

Replace Leather Jacket Zipper

Replace Leather Jacket Zipper


Sew on Patches

Sew on Patches

Church Banner

Church Banner

Custom Military Guidon

Custom Military Guidon

Custom order Military Guidon Cover

guidon Cover

Come in for personalized items ACU handbags, embroidery pillows, towels, t-shirts, etc…, quality clothing alterations, and dry cleaning.


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Where Experience Counts
Backed by more than 20 years of industry experience, our professionals have the knowledge, dedication, and commitment to provide you with the best services every time around.
Contact our Columbus, Georgia, experts for top-quality clothing alterations, custom embroidery, and sewing services including military patches and ACU Name Tapes, ACU Purse.

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