Making Face Mask, Alteration, Embroidery, Dry Cleaning

Located in: Main Street Village (Corner behind " Country's Barbecue")

                                         6298 Veterans Parkway Suite 3D Columbus, GA 31909

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Military Sewing

Handmade Mask in USA OCP Name Tapes OCP Mask OCP Patrol Cap Black Mask 

Online Sewing Store-Availability please allow an additional 3 or 4 business days for shipments with rank sewing and name embroidery.


OCP Patrol Cap OCP Mask  OCP Rank

Military Sewing"Victory Sewing" 6298 Veterans Parkway Suite 3D Columbus Georgia 31909 

ASU Tailoring and Alteration

ASU    Female Uniform    Military Trousers   OCP Ascot  Guidon& Streamer

OCP Pants alteration     Military Sewing

OCP Uniform