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Victory sewing

Victory Sewing  for  your success & victory

Transform you with Elegance & Charm

Victory Sewing's professional and high quality alterations transform you with elegance and charm.

Bridal Gown, Wedding Dress, Formal Dress, Prom Dress, Military Ball Gown, Tuxedo, Suit, Business Suit,

Business Casual, Mility Uniform, Jeans, Outfit, Sportswear, Jersey etc.



Alteration Wedding Dress

Wedding Alteration

Leather alteration and zipper replacement on jacket

Olympic athletes came for alteration on their Olympic competition leather suits.

Leather Alteration Leather

 Military Uniform Tailoring and Alteration

Army Green Service Uniform OCP Uniform

Military Pants Hem Pants Cuff Pants Hem

Military Pants Hem

To hem pants using a military hem finish, you will need to properly measure the pants before you get to work. You will be cutting off the excess fabric, so make sure you double check your measurements. When you hem a pair of pants, it is important that you make the new hem resemble the original hem as closely as possible.

Dress Pants Cuff

Reattach an original jeans hem

Many people have experienced the frustrating problem of having to buy their jeans and other pants too long, as commercial clothing is not made to fit specific bodies. This generalized sizing has resulted in people roughly cutting their jeans off, ordering expensive custom jeans and even simply wearing unflattering, overly long jeans.

Business Casual Cuff Busineaa Casual Pants Hem Uniform Pants Hem

Business Casual Pants Cuff

Business Casual Jean Pants Cuff

Sheriff Pants Hem

Thank you for choosing Victory Sewing Alteration Sit Tuxedo

Thank you for choosing Victory Sewing

Business Suit Alteration

Tuxedo Alteration