Making Face Mask, Alteration, Embroidery, Dry Cleaning

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Victory sewing

Handmade Mask in USA OCP Name Tapes OCP Mask OCP Patrol Cap Black Mask 

Victory Sewing making individually high quality handmade Face Mask by professional seastress.

Alterations: Formaldress, Wedding Dress, Prom Dress, Suit, Business Suit, Business Casual, Military Uniform, Jean and sposts wear etc.

Wedding Gown Alterations Prom Dress Alteration Formal dress alteration

Prom  Dress Alteration

Military Ball Gown Alteration

Military Pants Hem Pants Cuff Original Hem Jean

Military Pants Hem

To hem military pants using a military hem finish, you will need to properly measure the pants before you get to work. You will be cutting off the excess fabric, so make sure you double check your measurements. When you hem a pair of pants, it is important that you make the new hem resemble the original hem as closely as possible.

Dress Pants Cuff

Reattach an original jeans hem

Many people have experienced the frustrating problem of having to buy their jeans and other pants too long, as commercial clothing is not made to fit specific bodies. This generalized sizing has resulted in people roughly cutting their jeans off, ordering expensive custom jeans and even simply wearing unflattering, overly long jeans.

Business Casual Cuff Busineaa Casual Pants Hem Uniform Pants Hem

Business Casual Pants Cuff

Business Casual Jean Pants Cuff

Sheriff Pants Hem